Scott Munn began making photographs as a means of engaging with the world and with those around him. Through his camera, Scott defines spaces where moments remain memorable and where real people and real joy are evident. Finding that still point of authentic connection in a culture where images are increasingly disposable, forgettable and thoughtless is no easy task. Scott brings his youthful enthusiasm and over 20 years experience to each shot, placing him at the centrepoint of his career. Confident, relaxed and highly skilled, he has a way of putting his subjects at ease, creating a natural moment with genuine emotional quality.

By working with an experienced team of young, energetic professionals, Scott is able to comfortably manage large-scale productions, and his extensive network of industry contacts makes him the ideal choice for interprovincial, remote and documentary photography. Working with his subjects one-on-one, Scott’s friendly, casual approach has a disarming effect, inviting a natural engagement with the camera. The images he creates each give back their moment to the viewer, making them windows into another time, another life, another landscape.

Scott lives, explores and travels out of Atlantic Canada.

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